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We are your favorite, online store.

We create and curate stunning designs and print them on all sorts of equally stunning products- from t-shirts to phone covers to backpacks to boxers to mugs to socks to badges to pins to hoodies and many, many more! Our funky products are designed and printed specifically to spread happiness. A recent study by our internal, self-funded, fashion forward (and totally unbiased) team showed that if you buy from www.widasports.com, it increases your lifespan by 7.5%. So if you’re looking for great products, with even greater deals and discounts, you’ve come to the right place!

The Team

We’re a bunch of comic book loving, lame joke cracking, and slightly weird but largely likable people. We love what we do, and don’t take ourselves too seriously. This company was started by 4 people, with a cupboard full of clothes (probably the size of your wardrobe). We’ve now grown to over 150 people, and graduated from cupboards to warehouses, but really, that’s all that’s changed. We’re still childishly excited about everything we do- from the random post-it wall, to the unnecessary instructions outside the bathroom door, the board game sessions, and the pot-luck lunches.

And we try and ensure that this philosophy resonates with all those who come and join our family. So, if you’re bored of your current desk job and believe that ‘work’ does not necessarily have to be a bad word, look no further. We’d love to have you on our team!


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